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Special Work Teams and Groups

Special work teams and groups deal with specific project issues that cross multiple operational sub-systems such as Security, Data Standards, Reporting, Change Management, Implementation, Testing/Quality Assurance and Training.  These teams share many of the attributes of teh Process Teams but do not focus on any specific sub-system.  Some of these teams will be very temporal and will disband once their specific task has been completed.

The Special Work Team Leader will be the chairperson and facilitator for the team.

  • Develop and track the project work plans of the team
  • Organize and facilitate team meetings
  • Coordinate activities among other teams and committees
  • Identify and suggest solutions to issues
  • See that meeting notes and agenda are created and appropriately distributed
  • Provide appropriate status and progress reports to the Project Director and Steering Committee
  • Determine true project deliverables and completion of these within designated time frames and budget
  • Ensure that the configured system meets the institution's processing needs
  • Develop tasks, assign responsibilities and carry out those tasks
  • Ensure the completion of tasks assigned from the Project Director or the Steering Committee
  • Review problems and issues, then make recommendations to the Project Director or the Steering Committee when necessary
  • Effectively communicate the goals and activates of the project to other teams, committees and University constituencies
  • Make decisions by consensus
  • Foster decision consensus among and between process teams, committees and work groups to foster congruency within the EISE sub-systems
  • Develop operational procedures, documentation and training material that support the implementation and operation of the system
  • Continuously evaluate new processes to take full advantage of the capabilities available
  • Serve as subject matter experts for other University employees
  • Each member must attend assigned vendor education sessions and otherwise learn software capabilities
  • Detailed knowledge of their operational or technical area
  • Ability to work within a team environment and interact regularly to accomplish specific tasks
  • Committed to and involved in clear, shared goals
  • Ability to express positive solutions and participate in discussions and decisions
  • Ability to listen to other team members and respect their ideas and work
  • Open to volunteering when work and leadership needs arise
  • Willingness to play an active role in research and provide input to team decisions and recommendations
  • Ability to lend support for final decisions
  • Since the work of these teams will vary depending upon the project schedule and activities, so will their commitments.  A team will meet as frequently as requested by the Team leader, sometimes with input from the SCT Functional Consultant and/or EISE Project Manager.
  • During the most active times, teams will experience time commitments similar to the Process Teams.

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