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What is EIU 1111: University Foundations?

University Foundations is designed to help you make the most out of college. In this course, you will make friends, meet faculty and staff, engage in lively discussions, attend special events on campus, and learn how college can help you to achieve your goals. Your enthusiasm will be the key to making this course a solid foundation for your college career.

University Foundations is an inquiry into the academic expectations, resources, policies, and traditions of university life. You will be challenged to enhance your intellectual potential, understand your academic and moral responsibilities, and appreciate diversity in a framework that develops the critical thinking, learning, and communication skills necessary to contribute successfully to the university’s intellectual life. A global citizenship project engages students in the scholarly and co-curricular community.

Course Objectives

University Foundations is a writing-active course with four main objectives:

  • To familiarize you with the expectations, policies, resources, and traditions of Eastern Illinois University
  • To develop your critical thinking, learning and communication skills
  • To enrich your perspectives on personal, academic, and moral issues in higher education
  • To engage you in the educational and social life of the university

Student Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe classroom norms, university policies/procedures, and faculty expectations
  • Explain key moments in Eastern history
  • Function as a global citizen in a multi-cultural world
  • Use the resources and services provided by Eastern Illinois University
  • Identify transitional issues—personal, social, and academic—and learn about resources and services to aid in overcoming those issues
  • Formulate educational and life goals
  • Articulate values and priorities related to college and your future
  • Communicate more effectively (orally and in writing) with professors and peers
  • Analyze, criticize, and construct arguments using critical thinking skills
  • Employ time management and study skills (including test taking, note-taking, and reading strategies)