September 22, 1998

The Council on Teacher Education met at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 22, 1998, in the Arcola/Tuscola Room of the MLK Union.

Members present: Dr. Campanis, Dr. Edwards, Dean Hitch, Ms. Hooser, Ms. Lehman, Dr. Luft, Dr. McGaughey, Dr. Olsen, Dr. Poulter, Ms. Traub, Dr. D. Wolf.

Members absent: Mr. Consolino, Dr. Cosbey, Dr. Hussey, Dr. Sylvia.

Staff present: Ms. Dolson, Dr. Evans, Academic Affairs.

Guests present: Dr. D. Bower.

I. Chair McGaughey introduced new members: Dr. Deborah Wolf, Physical Education, and Ms. Wendy Lehman, student representative from Secondary Education.

II. Minutes.

The Minutes of August 25, 1998, were approved as corrected: V. 98-1 Student Appeals (SA09) - Dr. Olsen voted No.

III. Communications:

1. Copy of memo from Dean Hitch nominating Dr. Deborah Wolf, Department of Physical Education, as a replacement for Sandy Schroeder.

2. CAA Minutes from September 10, 1998.

3. CGS Minutes from September 1, 1998.

4. Faculty Senate Minutes from September 8, 1998.

5. E-mail from Dr. James Tidwell, Chair of Faculty Senate, encouraging forum topics for the Fall Faculty Forum scheduled for Tuesday, October 13 from 2-4 p.m. Chair McGaughey invited the Council to send suggestions to Dr. Tidwell at cfjat.

IV. Report on Status of Selective Admissions Policy.

Dr. Doug Bower, Associate Dean of the College of Education and Professional Studies, gave a status report on the Selection Process. Discussion followed. Dr. Bower requested suggestions be forwarded to him regarding this process.

V. Executive Director's Report.

Dean Hitch reported that she was pleased with the results of the Clinical Experiences forum.

Please note: All Council Minutes are available on the Web at http://www.eiu.edu/~eiucote. Effective October 30, 1998, Minutes will no longer be distributed to individual faculty. Hard copies will still be mailed to council members, however, as well as to academic department and administrative offices.

The meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m. Sally Dolson, Recording Secretary



October 13, 1998, at 2 p.m.

Arcola/Tuscola Room, MLK Union