Due to the fact that the only business is to add an item to the agenda
the February 12, 2002 COTE meeting  will be an electronic one.



Council on Teacher Education Agenda for February 12, 2002


I.   Approval of the January 22, 2002  Minutes:


II.  Communications:

1.  Email (2/4/02) regarding informational sessions for authors of  TEDE grant applications.

2.  Email from James Kestner regarding speaking to COTE about the Alternative Teaching certification program.

3.  FYI regarding the change in admission requirement in the Ed.S. program.  CGS approved the proposal as well, with the following
change in wording.   “Candidates who provide documentation of completion of a Masters Degree and a valid Illinois Type
75 certification may be admitted needing to complete only all 6000 level courses required by University and Department
standards.  Candidates who do not hold the Type 75 certificate will be required to complete all 5000 level requirements,
or their equivalent, and 6000 level courses in order to complete the Specialist Degree.”


III.  Items to be Added to the Agenda:

       1.  02-03, Revision to the Communications Disorders and Sciences major.


IV.  Agenda Items to be Acted On:


V.  Executive Director’s Report: