Council on Teacher Education Agenda for February 26, 2002


I.   Approval of the February 12, 2002  Minutes:


II.  Communications:

      1.  Request (2/18/02) for Executive Action from the College of Sciences to delete the                     

            following minors from the curriculum:  Minor in Chemistry for Teacher          

            Certification, Minor in Geography for Teacher Certification, Minor in Earth       

            Science for Teacher Certification, and Minor in Physics for Teacher Certification.

      2.  James Kestner will speak to the Council on February 26 about the Alternative Teacher

            Certification program.

III.  Items to be Added to the Agenda:

       1.  02-04, Student Teaching and Special Education.

       2.  02-05, Revision to the Alternate Secondary Education Program.          


IV.  Agenda Items to be Acted On:

      1.  02-03, Revision to the Communications Disorders and Sciences major.


V.    Executive Director’s Report: