Council on Teacher Education

Agenda for March 26, 2002

I. Approval of the 2/26/02 Minutes.

II. Communications:

  1. Announcement of PBK lecture, " The Sacred Depths of Nature," 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 27, Lumpkin Hall, Room 2030.

III. Items to be Added to the Agenda:

There are no items at this time. However, the following items may be added subsequent to CEPS Curriculum Committee approval:

  • Revision of the Early Childhood Education Major
  • Revision of the Elementary Education Major
  • Revision of the Special Education Major
  • Revision of the Requirements for the Student Teaching Experience

IV. Agenda Items to be Acted Upon:
  1. 02-04, Student Teaching and Special Education

  2. 02-05, Revision to the Alternate Secondary Education Program

V. Executive Officer's Report