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COTE Meetings are listed in chronological order. Please scroll to the bottom of this page for the latest.

2003 Agenda 2003 Minutes

01/28/2003 Agenda

Supporting Documents for 01/28/03 Meeting:

COTE Program Review Information Sheet

English with Teacher Certification Option Catalog Description

New Course Proposal: English 4801
Department of English

Proposed Revision of Option in English with Teacher Certification
English Language Arts

No Meeting


01/28/2003 Minutes







2/11/03 - No Meeting
2/25/03 - No Meeting

3/25/03 - No Meeting
4/08/03 - No Meeting
4/22/03 Agenda

Supporting Documents - Music Program

Rational Document

Revision Summary

Current Catalog

New Catalog Copy

Sequence Instrumental Music Spreadsheet

Sequence General Music Spreadsheet

Sequence Vocal Music Spreadsheet

4/22/03 Minutes

9/9/2003 Agenda

MA MAT Option


9/9/2003 Minutes

9/23/2003 Agenda


9/23/2003 Minutes

10/14/2003 Agenda

PED Athletic Train Teacher Cert Program Deletion Fall 2004

PED Teacher Cert Changes FA2004

10/14/2003 Minutes

10/28/2003 Agenda

COTE Proposed Changes Narrative

COTE History Catalogue Changes

Health Studies Teacher Cert Revision FA 2004

Social Science Catalogue

10/28/2003 Minutes

11/11/2003 Agenda

Art Education Option

11/11/2003 Minutes

12/09/2003 Agenda

Math ELE Option

12/09/2003 Minutes