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The Eastern Reads Committee has established several criteria for choosing a book that will fulfill the goals of the program.  The ideal book will

  1. Engage students
  2. Be of general interest with academic merit
  3. Connect to the University mission and academic initiatives
  4. Be open to interdisciplinary approaches
  5. Deal with contemporary social or cultural issue
  6. Have cross-generational relevance
  7. Invoke a range of opinions to stimulate rich discussion
  8. Be of reasonable length
  9. Be available in paperback for less than $20
  10. Have a living, accessible author

When the Emperor Was Divine will enable the campus community to explore how our personal beliefs are established and change over time. Students, faculty, and staff will examine such issues as social justice, forgiveness, faith and religion, patriotism, hope, and responsibility to the community. We believe all participants will find something in this book that will make them think and will lead to a greater appreciation of the university experience.