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News & Events

This page collects information and videos of events and rallies associated with or sponsored by EIU-UPI. 

In the News: Solidarity to Protect Members

Solidarity to Save Jobs (Aug. 6, 2015 - Inside Higher Ed)

Eastern Illinois University Faculty Skips Pay Raise To Save 29 Jobs (Aug. 5, 2015 - CBS Chicago)

Union to consider mitigation response to Eastern layoffs (July 29, 2015 - JG-TC)

EIU Budget Update from President Glassman (July 15, 2015, EIU)


EIU-UPI Organizes Response to Benefit-Cutting Pension "Reform"

EIU-UPI delivered hundreds of postcards to Senator Righter's office urging a "No" vote on the pension "reform" bill. The fight against unfair and unconstitutional cuts to pensions now moves to the courts, while the state of Illinois still faces shortfalls in revenue caused by an unfair tax system that burdens working and middle class Illinois citizens.



“For Each and Every Child: What Teachers Need to Know about Funding for Education in Illinois and Nationally." (2014)

Ralph Martire of the bi-partisan Center for Tax and Budget Accountability analyzes the data and explains the fundamental issues that are at the root of the fiscal problems in Illinois impacting education. The conclusion? The deficit and the future of education in Illinois have a solution; the data show us what must be done.


"The Fiscal Crisis in Illinois: A Solution" (2013)

Ralph Martire of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability presented to EIU faculty on the fiscal crisis in Illinois. The video presents important information proving that the fiscal crisis in Illinois is driven by unfair taxation policies, not pensions.

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EIU-UPI Working Together Video:


Rally on pension issues at Illinois Representative Dale Righter's office: