Saturday, November 2

Tarble Arts Center Classroom

Stop Motion Animation Workshop led by Gabe Przygoda, EIU graduate student


Thursday, November 7

Doudna Fine Arts Center Lecture Hall

3:30-5:30 pm
Film screenings of Between Two Rivers, 2012(98 minutes) and 778 Bullets, 2010(18 minutes), with introductions by Robin Murray, EIU

7:00 pm
Film screening of Expedition Nature's Realm: The Anthropocene Era, 2007 (24 minutes) with introduction by filmmaker Cameron Craig

Film screening of Walls of Sound: A Look Inside the House of Records, 2012 (63 minutes), with introduction by filmmaker David Gracon, EIU


Friday, November 8

Doudna Fine Arts Center Lecture Hall

7:00 pm
Film screening of Piedra Roja, 2011(124 minutes) with introduction by filmmaker Gary Fritz, EIU and discussion led by film critic Chuck Koplinski, WCIA TV, Champaign News-Gazette and Springfield Illinois Times newspapers


Saturday, November 9

Tarble Arts Center Atrium

2:00 pm
Stop-Motion Animated Films

Elementary and middle school students present their films from the November 2 workshop!

2:10 pm
Strip-Mall Nature. David Gracon, Director

Strip-Mall Nature is an observational meditation on the poetic intersection of nature and human constructed spaces designed primarily for human consumerism. The video is part of Gracon’s “Ordinary Video Series” where he spontaneously captures documentary events on his smartphone and edits them into short, visual, haiku-like videos.

2:20 pm
A Walk in My Shoe…Fest. John Pinto, Director
A Walk in My ShoeFest. Highlights the intersections and observations of the director attending Shoe Fest, a music festival in Manteno, IL. Using a song from last year’s performance, the documentary connects a previous audience with the new one.

2:25 pm
Jim Standerfer: Repurposing the Past. Kyle Fisher, Director
Jim Standerfer: Repurposing the Past profiles Jim Standerfer as a local business owner and artist. The film documents his passion for repurposing the past while giving viewers a look at his unique side business.

2:30 pm
One Year’s Crop. Rick Sands, Director

Back on the farm upon the death of his father, Robert Biggs, long an actor, musician, composer and writer, struggles to reconcile the story of where he came from, with the stories he now writes for the stage. Haunting, big sky visuals of the windswept prairie support a memoir unfolding in four patient seasons.

3:15 pm
Small Town Entertainment: Sainte Marie, Illinois. Annette Reis Lynch, Director

Small Town Entertainment provides a vision of the entertainment possibilities in Sainte Marie, Illinois.

3:20 pm
The Florida Suite. Jeff Thompson, Director

The Florida Suite is a poetic documentary about a citrus farmer living in a log cabin who cares for his aged mother, his dogs, and his land.

6:30 pm
Preview performance of “America, Illinois” by Stace England and the Salt Kings followed by a screening of Confidence Man, 2012(92 minutes) with introduction by Bob Streit, director and Stace England, producer.  Discussion led by Dann Gire, founding director of the Chicago Film Critics Association and film critic for the Arlington Heights Daily Herald.


Doudna Fine Arts Center
One block west of Ninth Street at Garfield Avenue on the EIU campus in Charleston, Ill.

Tarble Arts Center
South Ninth Street at Cleveland Avenue on the campus of EIU campus in Charleston, Ill.