Department of Geology/Geography

Department of Geology/Geography
Students in the Geology Program learn about different geographic environments by seeing them exceptional learning experience for our students in our department.

The Department of Geology/Geography is dedicated to providing students an exceptional Integrative Learning experience in the geosciences. With outstanding laboratories, equipment, and first rate professors and instructors, students graduate with a firm foundation that leads them to rewarding career opportunities or post-graduate degrees.

The department offers many areas of study/focus such as Geology, Geography, Geographic Information Science, Broadcast Meteorology, Earth Science Teaching, Social Science Teaching, Environmental and International Studies. To harness student potential, the department works with local businesses and local/state governments to provide paid internship opportunities.

Department News and Projects


Expedition Endurance (Update)

Geographer Cameron Craig took four students to the Southwest United States this last May to interview experts and water managers about the drought and water resource issues that currently plague that region. The work will be featured in a documentary film sponsored by the Center for Academic Technology Support, College of Sciences, and the Department of Geology/Geography later this fall on PBS stations across the Midwest. Learn more about the project...


Geographer's will Present another Episode of "Illinois' Skies" this Coming Equinox

Chris Laingen and Cameron Craig begin work on the next episode of Illinois' Skies that will air this September on WEIU. The geographers presented the recent research about the drought in California and what virtual water means to all of us. Learn more about Illinois' Skies...


Ask a Geoscientist...

Got a question about something geographic or geologic? Send us an email! We would love to hear from you and answer your most interesting questions, common or complex!

Here is the latest question: Did the Polar Vortex end when the Winter Season ended?

Answer: No! The Polar Vortex can influence the United States any time of the year. If you are wondering why this summers temperatures were sometimes fall-like or unrepresentative of the typical Illinoisan summer, it is due to the plunge of Arctic air that dives south cooling the southern landscapes.

(From Cameron Craig, EIU Geographer and Climatologist)

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