Dalias and Lillian Price Memorial Endowment

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Dr. Dalias Price, Professor Emeritus of Geography, passed away on 3 October 2009, at the age of 96. While attending the University of Illinois in the early 1930s, Dalias found weather observation to be one of his passions, and meteorology and climatology were important parts of his teaching while serving at several universities, including Southwest Missouri State, SIU-Carbondale, and culminating at Eastern Illinois University. In 1960 he officially began observing the weather in Charleston for the National Weather Service, and continued to do so until January 2008, a period of 48 years of continuous recording of which 30 years of his observations set the “climate normal” (1971-2000) that is in use today – a unique and exceptional accomplishment. He was a recipient of the “Thomas Jefferson Award” from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for his outstanding work in gathering and maintaining weather data at the official Charleston weather station, located in his backyard.

In the fall of 2008 the Department of Geology/Geography, in cooperation with the National Weather Service, took over the daily observations that Dalias had begun nearly a half-century ago. Each day students from the Department of Geology/Geography record weather data for transmission and inclusion in the National Weather Service’s weather forecasts and the National Climate Data Center's archive at NOAA. Such forecasts/climate data continue the long tradition in the department of service to the community, and in a small way in this case, to the nation.

Students who participate in this program do so because of their passion for meteorology and climatology and because they have hopes of one day being involved in the field of Broadcast Meteorology. Those students within the department who minor in Broadcast Meteorology or major in Geography and have a GPA of 2.5 or greater are eligible to apply for this endowment. Proceeds from the endowment would be used solely to supplement the stipend of students making the daily readings, compiling the data, and transmitting it to the National Weather Service.

The Dalias and Lillian Price Memorial Endowment will be an everlasting celebration of a generous man who unselfishly gave his lifelong service to this department, university, community, and state. Dr. Dalias Price was a significant and memorable role model we want our students to fully exemplify in their personal lives and careers beyond the gates of our university.

Observer of Charleston's Skies: A Tribute to Dalias Price from Tempestas et Caelum Films on Vimeo.


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