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"Gender Blending in Emile Zola’s Nana"

-- Deborah B. Beyer, Western Illinois University

"Writing from the Margins, Speaking from the Grave: Nineteenth-Century
       British and American Women’s Poetry"

-- June M. Frazer, Western Illinois University

"Literary Assumptions and Linguistic Analysis in Poetics"

-- Toby Griffen, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

"Misinterpretationism: A Manifesto"

-- Anders Nyhus, Bradley University, Masters Alum

"Decapitation and Transposition of Heads: Paradise Lost or Gained?
       Marguerite Yourcenar's ‘Kali Beheaded’ and the Indian Myths and Legend"

-- Jyoti Panjwani, Eastern Illinois University

"Models in Literature," Western Illinois University

-- David Quinn, Western Illinois University

"Hilda and Helen: Recreation of Woman and Myth"

-- Reneeta Renganathan, Western Illinois University Alum

"’The poem is what we are after’: Puzzling Out Coleridge and Williams"

-- Dana Ringuette, Eastern Illinois University

"Henry Purcell and Gerard Manley Hopkins: Two Explorations of Identity"

-- Jennifer Stolpa, Loyola University at Chicago Doctoral Student

"Distorted Myth and the End of the Raj: Rushdie's Midnight’s Children and
       Scott's The Jewel in the Crown"

-- Victoria Tatko, St. Louis, Missouri

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