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triangle.gif (890 bytes)  Why Teachers Can't Read Poetry
             --John Kilgore

triangle.gif (890 bytes)  The Voice of the Past: Regionalism as
      Historical Consciousness in Three Contemporary British
      and Irish Writers

-- Stephanie Hilger

triangle.gif (890 bytes)  Adaptation of Mythology: Hero of One Thousand Years
  -- Barbara Ann Cass

triangle.gif (890 bytes)  "A Worn Path": A Journey Through the Real and the
      Not Real

-- Sharon Hardin

triangle.gif (890 bytes)  Encountering "Otherness": Synthesizing the East and
      the West in Rabindranath Tagore's The Home and the
and Aldous Huxley's Island

-- Jyoti Panjwani

triangle.gif (890 bytes)  Beyond the "Sex Kitten" Stigma: Catherine Barkley as
     "Code Hero"

-- Amy Lerman

triangle.gif (890 bytes)  "Imagining" History: Shelley's Use of History as
      Rhetoric in A Defence of Poetry

           -- Richard Eichman

triangle.gif (890 bytes)  Viewing the Other: What the Cultural Imagination Sees
           -- Kathie Zemke Worrell

triangle.gif (890 bytes)  The Millennium Journey: An Interdisciplinary Glance
      at Human Nature
           -- Jean E. Jost and Tripthi Pillai 

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