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The Illinois Political Science Association

The Illinois Political Science Association (IPSA) seeks to represent the full range of fields and specializations in the political science discipline while providing a forum for Illinois political scientists to assemble to discuss their research and ideas on government, politics and policies. Annual conferences of the IPSA bring together faculty members from the full range of institutions in the state, from community colleges on through public and private colleges and universities, and high value also is placed on providing opportunities for students, both graduate and undergraduate, to present the results of their scholarly research.

Over the years, the IPSA also has embraced the value of interdisciplinary collaboration and communication, and to that end it has reached out to faculty and students from disciplines such as Sociology, Anthropology and History. As part of its ongoing commitment to the scholarly enterprise, the IPSA also sponsors an academic journal, the Illinois Political Science Review. This journal not only serves as an outlet for the best papers presented at the association’s annual conference but also seeks submissions from the wider scholarly community of political scientists.