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 Photo Latin American Minor 

Courses offered in the Fall 2011 semester:

  • FLS 2201 Intermediate Spanish 1
  • FLS 2201 Intermediate Spanish 2
  • HIS  3255 Colonial Latin America
  • HIS 4850 Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
  • FLS   3520 Modern Spanis-American Literature.
  • FLS  3530 Spanish American Women's Novel. 

Spanish 2201 and 2002: Intermediate Spanish (Every semester)
These classes are the first and second semester of intermediate Spanish.  Topics include a review of grammar, and practice in conversation, intensive writing and reading.These courses fulfill the general education-Humanites requirement 


HIS 3255 Colonial Latin America. (Dr. Jose Deustua)  The course studies the evolving of the Latin American societies in the pre-Hispanic and Hispanic eras. It starts dealing with the old civilizations of the Latin American past: Incas, Mayas, Aztecs; but also with smaller kingdoms and "chefferies", Araucanos in Chile, Patagones en Argentina, etc.. It will explore later the Spanish viceroyalties, particularly of Mexico and Peru, to end with a discussion of the Bourbon reforms and the struggles for Latin American Independence.



HIS 4850 Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean . The course explores the modern history of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean from the rebellion of the "black jacobins" of Haiti and the Dominican Republic (colonial Santo Domingo) to the revolutions of the 1970s and 1980s in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. It will also deal with the social and economic structures that contain Latin American development and the unrest that these have provoked and still provoke in that region of the American continent.


PhotoFLS 3520   Modern Spanish American Literature.

Dr. Carlos Amaya. Introduction to Spanish American literature from 1886 to present. Prerequisite: FLS 3000 or permission of the department chairperson

FLS 3530  Spanish American Women’s Novel.

Dr. Vanesa Landrus. This course introduces students to the novel genre in Nineteenth PhotoCentury Spanish America. It explores how female writers utilized the novel as a primary forum through which they publicized their ideas and participated in the debate on the equality of the sexes and nation formation.  Prerequisite: FLS 3000 or permission of the department chairperson.

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