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 Photo Latin American Minor 

Courses offered in the Spring 2011 semester:

  • FLS 2201 Intermediate Spanish 1
  • FLS 2201 Intermediate Spanish 2
  • GEG 4985  Environment, Society and Culture of Mexico.
  • HIS  3260 Modern Latin America
  • FLS   3540 Race and Gender in Spanish American Literature.
  • FLS  3555   Latin American Theatre. 

Spanish 2201 and 2002: Intermediate Spanish (Every semester)
These classes are the first and second semester of intermediate Spanish.  Topics include a review of grammar, and practice in conversation, intensive writing and reading. 


HIS 3260: Modern Latin America. 
(Dr. José Deustua) (Spring 2011, TR 2-3:15 pm)
 The course studies the history of the Latin American countries from the times of Independence to the present, including the 19th-century struggle between liberalism and conservatism, the caudillo state, the creation of oligarchical societies, the 1910 Mexican revolution, populist and authoritarian paths to development, the Cuban and Central American revolutions, the rise of economic neo-liberalism in the 1980s, and the recent turn toward democratization and the election of left-leaning governments. 

GEG 4985 Environment, Society and Culture of Mexico (3-0-3) (Dr. PhotoBetty Smith, Spring 2011)

In this course we study the natural and cultural landscapes of Mexico, giving special attention to the geographical identity and cultural diversity of the region. Topics include human land interactions as they pertain to the environment, historic and pre-historic archaeological context, globalization, population growth and economic development. 3.000 Credit hours. This course if offered through the School of Continuing Education and is a weekend course taught over the period of three weekends, Friday night 6-10pm and Sat 8am-6pm. One section is offered in Charleston Section 700 and one section is offered in Champaign at Parkland College Section 701. The class is cross-listed and can be taken for credit in either Anthropology (ANT4985), earth science (ESC4985), Foreign Language Culture in English (FLE4985) or Geography (GEG4985) 

PhotoFLS 3555 “Latin American Theatre” (Spring 2011)
Dr. Carlos C. Amaya 
El objetivo principal de la clase es preparar a los estudiantes para que hagan la lectura de obras teatrales representativas de Latino América. También, habrán lecturas sobre las diferentes corrientes del teatro que han afectado a Latino América y España. Con ello habrán otros beneficios:

FLS 3540 Race and Gender In Spanish American Literature (Dr. Vanesa Landrus) (Spring 2011 MWF 11 - 11:50 am)

This course examines the dynamics of identity construction of the black and female subject in Spanish PhotoAmerica from the early colonial period to the end of the nineteenth century. We will study the evolution of racial and gender constraints as seen through legal documents, chronicles, religious literature, poetry, newspapers and magazines. The course focuses on how black and female bodies were categorized and constructed within specific political and cultural contexts by colonial and nineteenth century authorities and other intellectual sectors of the population. We will explore how these subaltern subjects destabilized the political and social order in their search for freedom and power.

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