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 Photo Latin American Minor 

Courses offered in the Spring 2012 semester:

  • FLS 2201 Intermediate Spanish 1
  • FLS 2201 Intermediate Spanish 2
  • HIS  3260 Modern Latin America
  • CMN 4030 Latina Human Righst Discourse
  • FLS  3500 Short Stories of the Hispanic World.
  • FLS  4510 Survey of Early Spanish American Literature. 
  • FLS 4650 Special Topics in Hispanic Literatures

Spanish 2201 and 2002: Intermediate Spanish (Every semester)
These classes are the first and second semester of intermediate Spanish.  Topics include a review of grammar, and practice in conversation, intensive writing and reading.These courses fulfill the general education-Humanites requirement 


HIS 3260 Modern Latin America. Survey of Latin America from Independence, including the nineteenth century struggle between liberation and conservation, the Mexican Revolution, popularist and authoritarian paths to the development, the Cuban and Central American Revolutions, and the recent rise of neo-liberalism. 



FLS 4510.Survey of Early Spanish American Literature. Survey of Spanish American literature from the Colonial period to 1886. WI Credits: 3 Prerequisites & Notes FLS 3000 or permission of the department chairperson. By Dr. Kristin Routt.


PhotoFLS 3500   Short Storiesof the Hispanic World.

Course Objectives and Description: This course focuses on short story narrative of both Latin America and Spain from the late 19th to the 20th Century. Students will examine a wide range of authors across the two continents. The discussions in class will include both primary textbooks as well as photocopies provided by the professor.  Other materials that will be included are videos, movies, and web pages. Class meetings will consist mainly of class and group discussions based on readings, and Internet searches made by the students.  Class will be conducted in Spanish.  Prerequisite: FLS 3000, FLS 3520 recommended

FLS 4650 Topics In Hispanic Literature*

“Space and Identity in Spanish America Literature. ” This course focuses on the representations of space and geographic locations in fiction (novels/short stories), essays, journals and the press in Spanish America from the Colonial period through the end of the 20th Century. We will explore how Spanish American writers have used these representations as a means of defining social and political boundaries as well as for the construction of national, ethnic, cultural and personal identities. Class discussion, papers, and written assignments will be in Spanish. Dr. Vanesa Landrus. Photo .



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