Need help with LiveText??




Face-to-Face Help

With the LiveText graduate assistant in the Teacher Assessment Support Center (TASC) in BUZ 2303.


Fall 2014 Office Hours & Locations:

Tuesday 3:30-5:30
Wednesday 11:30-4:30

Office Phone #: (217) 581-2116

No appointment necessary, just stop by.


Online Support

Email your questions anytime to the LiveText graduate assistant at



1.) Instructors and Students: The Fall 2014 LiveText courses have been uploaded and populated with instructors and students.  If you are having issues accessing your course(s), please contact Randi Sucic at with details of the issue your facing and what course(s) you're supposed to be in.

2.) First time users: If you haven't already, make sure you purchase your LiveText license from the EIU Union Bookstore and register yourself at this week, as the Fall 2014 courses have already been uploaded.

3.) Student Teachers:

  • Check out the new edTPA assignment  tutorials on the left-side of this screen.
  • If you are having difficulties uploading your edTPA portfolio teaching video, make sure that you save the video in a .mp4 format (NOT .wav, .mov, .avi, etc.) and be sure that your 2 video submissions are no more than 10mins long each and in total your video submission should be no more than 300MB (500MB absolute limit) in size. (*Uploading results will vary based off of location and internet speed; EIU has high speed internet connection).
  • You can crop either end of the video, but do NOT edit anywhere in the middle of the video segment.
  • You can NOT mention the students' last names, your school, or the district.
  • It is highly recommended to use a video recorder that records in .mp4 format.  If you use an iPad, iPhone, or PC webcam, you will have to convert the file.  If you have to convert to .mp4, you can use VLC Media Player (a free download) to convert the files.
  • Once VLC Media Player is open, click on MEDIA, then CONVERT/SAVE, then ADD, then choose your .mp3 movie file, then click CONVERT/SAVE at the bottom, and then click BROWSE, then choose a a destination for the video to be saved, then give the new .mp4 video a new name, and then click SAVE.


  • Take a look at this Pearson FAQ sheet for more general information and this alternative method help sheet for specific help with video submissions.



Common Questions & Answers

Click here to see if you can find the answer to your question.  If not, feel free to email Randi Sucic at and/or stop by the edTASC office (BUZ 2303) for additional assistance.



1.) Whether you're struggling with or have not yet taken the TAP or ACT exam, checkout the following link for information on how best to prepare.

2.) Have you heard about the new edTPA requirements?  Familiarize yourself with their website here.

3.) Got a big project due?  No problem, just stop by the Instructional Technology Center (BUZ 1430) to use a computer with internet access, print and/or make copies (for a minimal fee), and/or use their new Ellison Die-Cut machines.  Also, check out the TechTalk4Teachers podcast recorded biweekly by Dr. Tom Grissom and the ITC YouTube channel (ITC TechShare) for their latest videos.