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Paul Turner Sargent is an Illinois artist, born and raised in Hutton Township, Coles County. He is well known for his landscapes of the Illinois countryside, as well as various images from his travels to California, Indianapolis and Florida. Sargent attended Eastern Illinois State Normal school, as well as the Art Institute of Chicago. It was then that he became one of the first members of the Brown County Artist Colony of Indianapolis. Yet through his travels and schooling in Chicago- his heart never left his childhood home in Illinois.

Images on this website come from two main places. The Tarble Arts Center at Eastern Illinois University owns a large collection of Sargent paintings, purchased when items from his studio were put to auction after his death in 1946.

Samuel Sargent, brother of Paul, was a large collector of Sargent family records and did extensive research on his family past and present. Much of his research also included keeping track of his brother's biography. Many of these images come from Samuel's collection of documents which he bequeathed to Eastern Illinois' University Archives.

On this website...


On this website you will find various images, documents and information on Paul Sargent as artist. It is in attempt to show the passion that Sargent had for the Illinois landscape, the land in which his family had farmed for many years.


A short biography of Paul Sargent, including a brief description on the beginings of his childhood home, with his farmer grandfather, Stephen Sargent.

works of art

Includes both images of Paul Sargent painting, outdoors and in his studio. Also a brief showing of various types of paintings and practices that can be found within the Tarble Arts Paul Sargent Collection.


A link to the Paul Sargent database that shows a larger portion of both the Tarble Arts painting collection as well as the University Archives collection.



These images are from the Tarble Arts Center Paul Sargent Collection.

Top Image: Detail of In the Heat of the Sun; Oil on Canvas, Not Dated.

Left: Under the Elm; Oil on Canvas, 1917.

Left Center: Afternoon Showers; Oil on Canvas, 1942.

Right Center: The Road to Crowber's Farm; Oil on Canvas, 1922.

Right: Florida Palms; Oil on Canvas, 1928.