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Garden Designs


Chelone glabra




Individual native plant species offer a variety of horticultural traits to meet almost an garden design need. Plants native to prairies will do well in sunny gardens where some prefer drier soils while others perform best in moister souls. If you are interested in a shade garden, native species from woodlands will offer a variety of options. For a pond design, choose native species from wetlands. In each of these garden designs for plants with environmentally different needs, plants with a variety of sizes, shapes, growth habits and colors can be found. Examples of some garden designs to get you started with native plants are available on this website. In addition, some native plant nurseries also sell a prearraned mix of plants or seeds to use in a ready-made garden design for specialized areas. Or use your own creativity to develop designs using the palette of native species available to add exciting new twists to your garden!

Thanks to Sarah (Westfall) Haley for development of garden designs.


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