About this Site

Welcome to the Eastern Illinois University NCATE/ISBE Accreditation Website!

This website is created for NCATE examiners and ISBE program reviewers for the November 6-10, 2010 accreditation site visit. As much as possible this website is an electronic "paperless" submission for NCATE accreditation and ISBE program review of Eastern Illinois University's Teacher Education Program. If you have questions or would like additional information please contact Dean Diane H. Jackman, Ph.D. via email at dhjackman@eiu.edu or by phone at (217) 581-2524.

We have attempted to make this site easy to use for examiners and reviewers by using standard web technologies. We highly recommend the examiner/reviewer familiarize yourself with the navigation panel located on the left-hand side of this website. You may press the Home link located at the top of the left-hand navigation panel to return to the homepage of this NCATE 2010 website. This site also extensively uses Adobe Acrobat PDF documents so you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin to view PDF documents.

If you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin for your browser it is available here:

We have tried to organize the material in a standard format that we hope will make the examiner's and reviewer's job a little easier. The EIU Conceptual Framework and the Institutional Report are available as PDF documents on the left-hand navigation panel. As much as possible main documentation is located within this website, however due to the dynamic nature of a university you will also be linked to other EIU websites within the university where appropriate. If you navigate away from the ncate2010 website you may immediately press the BACK button in your browser to return the the ncate2010 website. We also suggest that you bookmark the web address http://castle.eiu.edu/~ncate2010/index.php so that you have a convenient way to access this website.

Electronic resources are organized by NCATE Standards located under the Exhibits Section of the left-hand navigation panel. You will find the main categories of General Background, Standard 1, Standard 2, Standard 3, Standard 4, Standard 5, and Standard 6 all organized by the requested NCATE format.

You will also find that our faculty vitae are conveniently accessible from the left-hand navigation panel under the Faculty Vitae section and are cross-referenced alphabetically by department and by last name. Syllabi (Course Information Summaries) are also easily accessed via the left-hand navigation panel and are cross-referenced alphabetically by the university standard three letter course prefix as listed in our course catalogs.

At Eastern Illinois University we are using technology in many ways to improve our programs. This website is one example of how technology allows us to showcase our programs to a world audience. We offer quality educational experiences to our students and are continually revising programs to reflect the needs of today's learners. We hope you enjoy your visit!

Thank You,

Diane H. Jackman, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Education & Professional Studies