Standard 5: Faculty Qualifications, Performance,
and Development

Faculty are qualified and model best professional practices in scholarship, service, and teaching, including the assessment of their own effectiveness as related to candidate performance; they also collaborate with colleagues in the disciplines and schools. The unit systematically evaluates faculty performance and facilitates professional development.



5a. Qualified faculty



















Summary of faculty qualifications and assignments
(See the Manage Faculty Information section in the institution’s AIMS workspace for an optional method of compiling this information for Table 11 in the Institutional Report.)

i.    Faculty Vita

     By Department    
     By Last Name

ii.   NCATE -Professional faculty list

iii.  Summary of Highest Degree Held 

Licensure of school-based clinical faculty (e.g., cooperating teachers, internship supervisors)

i.    Student Teaching Guidelines for Cooperating Teachers

ii.   Student Teaching Handbook (see page 4)

iii.  Requirement that all school-based clinical faculty be licensed in field 
        All cooperating professionals (teachers, administrators, counselors, etc) must 
          hold the license and endorsement that the candidates they will be
          hosting will earn upon completion

iv.   Clinical Experience School Agreement (sample agreement)


5b. Modeling best professional practices in teaching























Summary of instructional strategies, including the use of technology, used by faculty

i.    Faculty Technology survey

ii.   Syllabi

iii.  Major Assessment Profiles by Department

Candidate evaluations of faculty teaching and summaries of results

i.    University Core Evaluation Items (attached Word)

ii.   Sample Faculty Portfolio (Copies available on site)

iii.  Summary of student evaluations of faculty teaching

Other Items (Reflection & Dispositions)

i.    Sample Student Portfolios (Copies available on site)

ii.   Unit Dispositions Framework & Referral Forms

iii.  Selected LiveText Assignments and Assessments (reflection & disposition)

Letter of Intent-Assignment & Rubric

Early Field Experience Reflection & Rubric

Field Experience II Reflection & Rubric

Dispositions Assessment-completed at each stage

Student Teaching Self-Evaluation & Rubric

5c. Modeling best professional  practices in scholarship














Samples and summary of faculty scholarly activities

i.    Summary of Contemporary P-12 Experiences & Scholarship/Research

ii.   Faculty Vita (attached folder)

     By Last Name

     By Department

iii.  Publishing Scholars Program (lists selected faculty published in previous year)

iv.   CEPS Research Fair Program (showcase of selected research project) 

v.    Showcase EIU Program (Student/Faculty Collaborative Research)

vi.   Major Assessment Profiles by Department (lists recent publications & presentations)

5d. Modeling best professional practices in service





Summary of projects completed by faculty in service and/or collaboration with professional community
(e.g., grants, evaluations, task force participation, provision of professional development, offering courses, etc.)

i.    Summary of Contemporary P-12 Experiences & Scholarship/Research

ii.   Table of Selected Projects

iii.  Major Assessment Profiles by Department (lists outreach and service)

5e. Unit evaluation of professional education faculty performance





















Promotion and tenure policies and procedures 

i.    Department Criteria (by Department)

ii.   Faculty Portfolio Guidelines

iii.  Schedule of Personnel Actions (Contractual Faculty)

Unit A - Tenure Track

Unit B - Non-Tenure Track

Samples of faculty evaluation forms

i.    Unit A - Tenure Track

ii.   Unit B/Non-Tenure Track (Annually Contracted)


Summary of faculty evaluations

i. Table on faculty retention, promotion, and tenure (University and Unit)

ii. Sample Faculty Portfolios (Available on site)



i. Faculty Contracts
       Unit A -

       Unit B - 

5f. Unit facilitation of
professional development











Professional development activities offered by the unit

i.    NCATE- Faculty Development Activities (attached)

ii.   Faculty Development Webpage (including Administrative Profile-Annual Report)

iii.  Major Assessment Profile-Administrative MAPs-Faculty Development

iv.  VP Academic Affairs (Select Faculty Support & Recognition from Links)


Unit policies related to professional development

i.    Varies by Department - Department Criteria

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