Each year, NRHH and RHA hold an end of the year banquet. At the banquet, individual halls, people and programs are recognized for their outstanding work done throughout the school year. We want to make you aware of the bid writing process so you can begin thinking about it and have goals to strive for! Here you can find some example bids and the preliminary bid packet!

If you have any questions about this process or writing bids please contact:

Jacob Swanson, NRHH President jjswanson2@eiu.edu
Jacob Deters, NRHH CC, jwdeters@eiu.edu

The 12-13 OTY Bid Packet is coming soon!

Example OTY Bids:

            President Bid 

            Advisor Bid 

            Student Bid

            Program Bids



            Building Block Council


            Rookie of the Year