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A student in Paris

Expenses and Fees

Expenses for the trip will include a pass for the ground transportation in Paris (metro and bus), trains to Chartres and Giverny, single-occupancy room, classroom rental and equipment, books required for courses, admissions to museums and monuments assigned in courses, and health insurance. The total amount per person will vary according to the number of participants, however it should hover right around $3000. Students are responsible for their own airline tickets but we will provide travel agent contact for those who wish help. Anyone who wants to stay in Europe and travel after the end of the program can thus choose their own departure date and city. Allow around $1150 for travel between the US and Europe in summer 2013. It is hard to estimate what each student will need for food and sundries, however if the residence cafeteria and local grocery stores are the primary source, it is possible to live economically. We recommend allowing at least 25 euros a day, or $900 for the month at the current exchange rate. If you are a night-life fanatic and plan to go out a lot, you will have to budget separately for that.

Fees and tuition are charged by the university based upon undergraduate or graduate status as well as the catalog under which each student enters matriculation. Thus we cannot predict the exact amount each student will be charged but one should allow around $195 per semester hour. Additional fees charged by the offices of Study Abroad and Continuing Education will be assessed at $90 a credit hour.

There are numerous scholarships available through the Office of Study Abroad for EIU students as well as small ones from the Art Department for majors. Regular financial aid packages often include this program as well so talk to them first. EIU wants students to study abroad during their undergraduate years, so apply and take advantage of the offers to make this possible!