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Faculty in Paris

Art History

Janet Marquardt

Dr. Janet Marquardt took her degrees in art and music history at UCLA and came to EIU in 1986 where she is now the Director of the Center for the Humanities. She was department chair at the University of South Tampa from 1992-1994 where she developed the Paris study abroad program in art history with a faculty member. Returning to EIU in 1994, she offered the program for the first time in 1996. It has been a great biennial success with growing numbers of students and faculty members. This will be the ninth time she has directed the experience. Her own research focuses on the reception of historical French art and monuments in the modern world.

Teaching Method
Dr. Marquardt lectures with the help of digitally projected presentations. She teaches contextually, thus adding analysis of contemporary literary selections from the period during which the visual art was created in order to help establish the cultural milieu. She feels the most important component of this course, however, is the requirement to visit art and architecture on a self-directed basis. Having led tours in the first two years, she realized more learning occurs when students engage in the process of discovery.

Studio Art

Robert HorvathMr. Robert Horvath received his BFA from Midwestern State University in Texas and his MFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He now teaches at the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis. His own art work is in oil painting using a traditional glaze technique to create luminous layers. His subjects deal with contemporary conceptual issues and abstraction. He has traveled extensively around Western and Eastern Europe, including two bike tours across Spain, France, and Italy. He also backpacked in India, Kashmir, and Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia). Mr. Horvath believes that the only way to develop an artistic eye is to see what the world has to offer.

Teaching Method
Mr. Horvath's approach to studio instruction is to set up assignments and then work individually with students according to their needs. He encourages students to not only learn to master various formal issues, but also challenges them to broaden their creativity though discovery, research, and documentation. He will offer beginning drawing for non-majors and advanced drawing or watercolor painting for art majors. Students will be asked to keep a sketch book/journal that records their study abroad experience in all its facets. The art in museums and monuments assigned to visit in the art history course will serve as visual subjects for study in this course.