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During a month of summer vacation, students live in the center of the city of Paris and take courses from EIU professors. Monuments, museums, parks, caf├ęs, and shops are the classroom as assignments lead an exploration of this fascinating culture.

2013 program dates: June 30 to July 31

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The city of Paris has the greatest collection of cultural resources in the world.

The art history course focuses on the development of the city as it has functioned in the modern world since its complete rebuilding in the middle of the nineteenth century and the artistic and literary responses to both that process and France's volatile political history during "the long nineteenth century."

An art studio course offers ways to record the visual forms of a new culture and a vibrant capital city and to consider the dichotomies that exist between nineteenth-century Paris and our day, between art and popular culture, between artistic and commercial imagery.

The program is a month-long residency in Paris with day trips out to surrounding locations. Class meetings will meet Mon, Tues, and Wed mornings. The rest of the week will be devoted to independent exploration as required coursework.

Students may come from any major and there are no prerequisites. Art history courses may be taken to fulfill a general education requirement. All courses also serve as 3000-level advanced classes.

Housing is in a comfortable university dorm. Students utilize the efficient public transportation system of Paris to visit cultural sites. Two group field trips are included: to the medieval cathedral in the city of Chartres and to the house and gardens of the painter Claude Monet.