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Paris art studio course

Art Studio Course

A Visual Journal
Robert Horvath, Visiting Professor from Herron School of Art, Indianapolis

Course Description

3 semester-hour course
Undergraduate or graduate credit:
Art 3970 - applicable to either ART 1000, ART 3000 or ART 3080
Art 5970 - Directed Study

Classes will meet Mon-Wed afternoons.
Course meeting place will vary and may include parks, cafes, museums, open plazas and boulevards. Most will coincide with visits assigned in Art History course.
Assignments will be due every Monday.

Class schedule


High quality sketchbook
Drawing tools (graphite pencils, prismacolor pencils, fine point markers, colored markers)
Erasers, pencil sharpeners, glue sticks, scissors


This art course will provide students with the means, skills and approaches to visually and artistically document the broad experience of living in a new culture. Students will be expected to explore the urban environment with consideration to history, art, architecture, its culture, people, customs, and language while questioning their imported preconceptions and expectations of living in the "City of Light".

The course will primarily focus on working in a sketchbook. Over the period of 4 weeks students will visually document their experiences, impressions, cultural shock and differences encountered during life in Paris. Scheduled meetings with the professor will provide and develop topic-focused as well as open group discussions. Students will be provided with general directions as well as one-on-one instruction into areas such as perspective, traditional and non-traditional drawing techniques, collecting visual materials, collage, and plein-air watercolor media.