whats in your key

The PBK Alumni Association of East Central Illinois invites you to BE A KEY TO ACTION.

Here are two things you can do:

1) Please send in a picture of you doing something that you value and love. This is not as mysterious as it sounds. You could be teaching, going to work, cooking something, reading a book, smiling quietly with a loved one…anything that you cherish because your love of learning has guided your life in a positive direction

2) Please consider giving something—an action, a tax-deductible contribution (https://www.pbk.org/web/PBK_Member/Renew/Donate_onlinekta.aspx), a letter to a legislator—to show your support of the liberal arts and sciences. I assume that PBK-ers share a deep and profound respect for the value of education. Show how much you cherish learning—and the freedom to pursue knowledge—as absolutely integral to living a rich and meaningful life.


2016 Keys to Action Week banner




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