EIU Legislative Showcase
Spring 2003

Feb. 19, 2003

Springfield, IL


Approximate 200 students, faculty and administrators went to state capitol in Springfield to showcase the research work by student at Eastern Illinois University. Among those, the following lists the posters presented by the graduate students from the School of Technology:

1. Multimedia Technology
Students: Dennise Wilson (Lion Queen), Travis Hastings
Faculty mentor: Dr. Phil Age

2. Web-enabled E-Lab for Materials Testing
Student: Zhaohe Tong (Jerry's Tom)
Faculty mentors: Dr. Peter Ping Liu and Dr. Larry Helsel

3. Application of Scanning Electron Microscope in the Field of Technology
Student: Anurag Sharma (Hollywood Bobby)
Faculty mentor: Dr. Peter Ping Liu

4. Electronically Enhanced CTE
Student: Dena K. Brummer
Faculty mentor: Dr. Roger Luft

5. Effects of Java-based E-manufacturing Applications on Organizations.
Student: Jen Baker

6. Web-driven Database for E-Manufacturing
Student: Kaihong He
Faculty mentor: Dr. Peter Ping Liu and Dr. Sam Guccione

On the way back, we watched "Lion King" that Dr. Liu specially brought for graduate students in Technology. Dennise was named as "Queen Lion" officially. The photos below show some actions taken place during the trip. We had a lot of fun.

Many thanks to the graduate students team for a job well done!!! Particularly, we like to commend the collaborative spirit demonstrated during the trip, such as Dena's van, Travis' innovative protective design and many others.

Special thanks to Dr. Age for guarding the delicious food during the entire trip!!!