Legislative Showcase 2004

February 19, 2004

Springfield, IL

The following graduate students presented their research work at the Legislative Showcase:

Jing Shao
Poster Title: Applications of Scanning Electron Microscope
Faculty mentor: Dr. Peter Ping Liu

Anurag Sharma
Poster Title: Construction and testing of cylindrical concrete blocks
Faculty mentor: Dr. Wafeek Wahby.

Yujuan Li
Poster Title: Teaching Career Planning and Development from Distance
Faculty mentor: Dr. Thomas Hawkins

Donny Moberley
Poster Title: EIU TAGA: Student Organizations working with each other for each other
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Phillip Age

Daniel Bengtsson
Poster Title: Alternative Fuel Vehicle project
Faculty mentors: Dr. Tom Waskom and Dr. Sam Guccione

Jacob Bervig
Poster Title: Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems Project at EIU Dec. 2003 (AS/RS)
Faculty mentor: Dr. John Messer

Ning Yang
Poster Title: E-Manufacturing: the Real Automation Efforts for Illinois Industries
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sam A Guccione.

Zhaohe (Tom) Tong
Poster Title: E-Lab for Materials Testing
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Larry Helsel and Dr. Peter Ping Liu

Matthew R. White
Poster Title: Title: "Enhancing Human Capital through a Partnership in Education"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tom Boldrey

Naveed Baqir
Poster Title: Knowledge Management
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Yunus Kathawala and Dr. Peter Ping Liu