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  Undergraduate Timeline:

Freshman Year
  • Get to know the pre-law advisor, Dr. Karen Swenson (2321 Coleman Hall).
  • Begin the process of selecting a major.
  • Inquire about Moot Court, the Pre-Law Society, and legal internships.
  • Your GPA is cumulative - do your best from the beginning of your freshman year.
Sophomore Year
  • Choose courses that offer skills in critical reading, analytical and logical reasoning, and technical writing. Take at least one public law class.
  • Begin to establish a relationship with professors who will write your letters of recommendation.
Junior Year
  • Study for the LSAT, and take sample tests.
  • Think about taking an LSAT prep course, especially if you are not a self-motivated studier or your scores on sample tests are not good.
  • Register for the LSAT and plan on taking the LSAT in June of your junior year or September/October of your senior year.
Senior Year
  • Consider if law school is really best for you: discuss your career options with the pre-law advisor and your major advisor; take a pre-law internship to have contact with lawyers and legal work; read books about law school and the legal profession.
  • Begin choosing law schools to which you may apply (use the ABA-LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools).
  • Visit law schools that interest you.
  • Take LSAT by September/October, no later than December.
  • Register with the Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS) at least 6 weeks prior to sending your applications off to law schools.
  • Narrow down which law schools to apply to (students typically apply to 5 or 6, but the more you apply to, the greater your options will be).
  • Obtain applications from prospective law schools.
  • Write your personal statements and obtain letters of recommendation.
  • Apply to law school (the earlier the better - November is the beginning of many law schools' early review processes).
  • Check out financial aid opportunities.
  • Wait for acceptance letters.
  • If you did not visit before applying, visit now to assist in making the final selection.
For More Information
  • Obtain a copy of LSAT & LSDAS Registration and Information Book.
  • Visit the LSAC website at
  • Look into pre-law courses in the pre-law minor and other pre-law activities listed on the Political Science Department web page.
Preparing for Law School

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