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EIU Campus Guides - Purchasing

These documents detail the various methods of purchasing and which is appropriate for a given situation. As always, please call the Office of Procurement, Disbursements and Contract Services at 581-5313 if you have any questions.

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Purchasing Quick Reference

Guide containing purchasing methods, when to use requests for payment, bid limits, and administrative approval thresholds.

Procurement Procedures

Specification Guide

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Vendor Diversity

The University is committed to vendor diversification by ensuring that small and diverse businesses (see definition) are included in the University procurement process. We promote access to procurement opportunities by creating an equitable and competitive business environment through encouraging campus departments to proactively consider qualified certified businesses owned by minorities, females, persons with disabilities, veterans, and small businesses for their contracting needs.

The State of Illinois agencies and universities have a searchable database to locate certified diverse firms to solicit bids. Certified diverse firms are included in a searchable database maintained by the State's Business Enterprise Program (BEP), which can be found at the following CMS website.  Additionally, the Office of Procurement, Disbursements and Contract Services can assist with searches.

                     Diversity Compliance Website


EIU Vendor Guides - Purchasing

Vendors wishing to bid on sealed competitive bids for any Illinois public university must register with Illinois Public Higher Education Procurement Bulletin. In addition to EIU opportunities, other state university procurements are available.

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