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Amendments P-Card Fax Cover Sheet for Buyers
Annual Recertification Performance Bond
BDMS End-User Cheat Sheets * NEW * Performance Bond Letter
Bid Request Notice Post-Performance Review - P & A Service Contract
Bidder's Application Form Pre-Proposal Meeting Confirmation
Bidder's Application Class List Prevailing Wage Clause
Brand Name Only Spec (CPO) Procurement Bulletin Check Off
Brand Name or Equal Determination Form SPO PPB Renewal Questions * NEWish *
Cancellation of Solicitation: Rejection of Bids/Proposals Purchasing Approval
CDB Pay Request Approval Form Quote Form
Certification of No Change Real Estate Lease Form Disclosure Statement
Change Order Justification * NEW * Renewals/Extensions that Exceed $249,999 * NEW *
COD - File Only FY2015 RFP Template 2013
COD - File Only FY2016 * NEW * RFP Template 2015 (with EIU edits)  * NEW *
Conflict of Interest * NEW * Sample Contract
Correctional Industries Waiver * NEW * Sample Contract OVER $250,000 
Disclosure Replacement Form Sealed Bid Attendance Sheet
Exemptions - Notice of Award Sealed Bid Check Form
Federal Certs Sealed Bid Quote Form  ** OLD **
Flex-Fuel and Gas Mileage Waiver Small Purchase Certs (EIU, .PDF)  * NEW *
IFB  (with EIU edits)* NEW * Small Purchase Certs (EIU, .DOC)  * NEW *
Insurance Requirement Form Sole Source EIU Director Approval Form
Intent to Respond Form (Proposal) Split Award Approval
IPG - Constance Ratfill Handout  * NEW * Standing Order Notification
Labor and Material Payment Bond Terms and Conditions
Labor and Material Payment Bond Letter Three Signature Info
Late Filing Affidavit FILE ONLY Trade-in Approval Request
Late Filing Affidavit REAL Vendor Financial Disclosures (Ver 14.2)
Late Filing Affidavit for Professional & Artistic Services Vendor Disclosure INFO Form (for Penny)
P-Card Charge Half Sheet Voidable Contract Review Request Form
Benault Bagby's Page  
Buyers Link - PPB