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Amendments P-Card Charge Half Sheet
Annual Recertification P-Card Fax Cover Sheet for Buyers
BDMS End-User Cheat Sheets * NEW * Performance Bond
Bid Request Notice Performance Bond Letter
Bidder's Application Form Post-Performance Review - P & A Service Contract
Bidder's Application Class List Pre-Proposal Meeting Confirmation
Brand Name Only Spec (CPO) Prevailing Wage Clause
Brand Name or Equal Determination Form SPO Procurement Bulletin Check Off
Cancellation of Solicitation: Rejection of Bids/Proposals PPB Renewal Questions * NEWish *
CDB Pay Request Approval Form Purchasing Approval
Certifications (2015 Small Purchase)(Word doc) Quote Form
Certification of No Change Real Estate Lease Form Disclosure Statement
Change Order Justification * NEW * Renewals/Extensions that Exceed $249,999 * NEW *
COD - File Only FY2014 RFP Template 2013* NEW *
COD - File Only FY2015 Sample Contract
Conflict of Interest * NEW * Sample Contract OVER $250,000 * NEW *
Correctional Industries Waiver * NEW * Sealed Bid Attendance Sheet
Disclosure Replacement Form * NEW * Sealed Bid Check Form
Exemptions - Notice of Award * NEW * Sealed Bid Quote Form
Federal Certs Sole Source EIU Director Approval Form
Flex-Fuel and Gas Mileage Waiver Split Award Approval
Insurance Requirement Form Standing Order Notification
Intent to Respond Form (Proposal) Terms and Conditions
IPG - Constance Ratfill Handout * NEW * Three Signature Info
Labor and Material Payment Bond Trade-in Approval Request
Labor and Material Payment Bond Letter Vendor Financial Disclosures March 2013
Late Filing Affidavit FILE ONLY Vendor Disclosure INFO Form (for Penny)
Late Filing Affidavit REAL  Voidable Contract Review Request Form
Late Filing Affidavit for Professional & Artistic Services  
Benault Bagby's Page  
Buyers Link - PPB