This year RHA is focusing on incorporating five core values into many of the tasks, events, and even meetings that take place. These five core values are: community, academics, service, diversity and leadership. Below are RHA’s executive board members goals for how we can incorporate those five core values throughout the year.

Community Development

-Encourage RHA members and executive board members to attend different hall council meetings at the beginning of each semester.

-Make an effort to attend Hall Council in the hall that the executive resides in.

-Help showcase the importance of RHA Representatives by outlining the position.



-Recognize the hall with the most improved GPA from the following year at the end of the semester.

-Incorporated a most improved GPA award into the end of the year banquet.

-Include an academic program, or how to put on an academic program at retreats.

-Contribute to study tables by seeing what each hall is offering, and communicating that information to RHA.



-Continue having community service projects at Retreats.

-Encourage having an event just for a community service project. (Utilizing the Social Justice & Diversity Committee)

-Participate in Panther Service Day.

-Support Panther Athletes by attending sporting events as RHA.

-Encourage residents to read the newspaper provided by RHA.



-Have a bulletin board contest for heritage months that encourage diversity within the halls.

-Attend heritage month events as RHA to showcase the support of RSO’s.

-Include diversity programs at retreats.


Leadership Development

-Recognize members throughout the year for their hard work and leadership development.

-Write opening letters with information to the residents.

- Make door decs for the RHA Reps to showcase their importance.