RHA/NRHH Fall Retreat 2013

“Nothing is Sweeter than Leadership

Camp New Hope

October 25-27, 2013

This year’s fall retreat will be held at Camp New Hope in Mattoon from 5 p.m. Friday October 25th through Sunday October 27th. At the retreat you will meet many new friends and broaden your leadership skills.
In addition to playing fun games, sitting around a campfire and hanging out by a lake, you will attend programs geared to motivating, networking, programming development, diversity awareness, and leadership.
Not on a council executive board? Not a problem. Any resident who is looking to become a better leader can attend this retreat!
Included in this packet is the registration form, a liability wavier, and a packing list. Please fill out and return the registration form and wavier to your RHA representative (RHA reps, please bring all filled out forms to RHA) by Friday, October 18th

Complete on-line registration form

1.  Print off and turn in the liability wavier form at time of check in at Stevenson

2.  View the suggested packing list


A) 320 Grant Ave, Charleston, IL 61920-3338 US

    1. Start out going west on Grant Ave toward 3rd St.  (go 0.01 miles)

    2. Take the 1st right onto 3rd St.

      - If you reach 2nd St you've gone a little too far (go 0.17 miles)

    3. Take the 1st left onto IL-16 W/Lincoln Ave. Continue to follow IL-16 W.

      - Arby's is on the corner

      - If you reach Buchanan Ave you've gone a little too far (go 7.72 miles)

    4. Merge onto I-57 S toward Effingham.  (go 5.34 miles)

    5. Take the US-45/IL-121 exit, EXIT 184, toward Toledo/Mattoon.  (go 0.24 miles)

    6. Turn left onto US-45 S/IL-121 S.

      - If you reach I-57 S you've gone about 0.4 miles too far (go 1.23 miles)

    7. Turn right onto E County Road 250N.

      - E County Road 250N is 0.6 miles past Laker Ave

      - If you are on N County Road 500E and reach CR-11 you've gone about 1.5 miles too far (go 2.62 miles)

    8. Turn slight left onto Lake Rd.

      - Lake Rd is 0.2 miles past N County Road 270E (go 0.91 miles)

    9. Turn left onto N County Road 150E.

      - N County Road 150E is 0.2 miles past E Lake Paradise Rd

      - If you are on E County Road 250N and reach N County Road 100E you've gone about 0.4 miles too far

  (go 1.85 miles)

    10. Stay straight to go onto N County Road 100E.  (go 0.88 miles)

    11. N County Road 100E becomes County Road 100 E/CR-18.  (go 0.36 miles)

    12. 1364 COUNTY ROAD 100 E is on the left.

      - Your destination is just past 1356 Branson Dr N

      - If you reach Branson Dr you've gone a little too far (go 0 miles)

B) Camp New Hope, 1364 County Road 100 E, Neoga, IL 62447 US

TOTAL ESTIMATED TIME: 28 minutes | DISTANCE: 21.33 miles