Social Justice & Diversity Committee

         The Social Justice and Diversity Committee works to create experiences with the goal of brining awareness to diverse groups of people on campus.

 The Museum of Oppression

         Sponsored by Eastern Illinois University‘s Office of University Housing and Dining Services, this annual three-day event will take place in the Grand Ballroom of the MLK Jr. Union.  Participants are invited to walk through a series of sensory experiences presented through the written word, audio, video and staged displays to gain a realistic perspective of what marginalized groups have faced in our society. Check back to see how RHA is going to contribute to the event.

Social Justice and Diversity Week

      SJ&D Week is a week sponsored by RHA that unites registered student organization together to realize everyone is diverse. The week is filled with various activities. Social Justice and Diversity Week 2011 will be in late March or early April. A registration form to participate in the week will be made available in February.

          One activity that the Social Justice and Diversity Committee sponsor is the Writing on the Wall project. The Writing on the Wall project is a physical construction of a cinder block wall. The wall represents the barriers of hated and intolerance that separates us as human beings. The wall stand for four days and on the fourth day students and the community will be invited to help tear down the wall, tearing down the barriers between the EIU community. More information will be available in the spring semester.