Our home in Fort Peck - 15 miles from the site.
It is a duplex that Doc picked up in Glasgow (MT) - 
literally - put it on a truck and drove it
to Ft. Peck where it was deposited on a basement foundation.  
Boyz live on right side and goils on the left.

This is "the oriface" - our office
that was a hole in the ground.
Match up all the stratigraphic
sequences and note the infinte
places where we have yet to dig.
Pictured here:  
Doc in the middle -
Casey - a retire 747 pilot from
Colorado (on left); 
(?); and 
Ken a software programmer from

        This is a test:
You are looking at  . . .
(a)  the bone lab in the basement of our house
(b)  the entry to the British Museum
The statue of the person on the stairs is . . .
(a)  Richard Owen ... who coined the term "dino-saur" around 1841
(b)  Dinah Shore who made many coins as a singer in the 50's
(c)  J. Keith Rigby ....who coined the lament: "Don't ya just hate dinosaur rustlers?"  Sep 1997

Fort Peck Mall:  post office  &  7-11 (well, 7-6)  &   a mini-diner.

   Fort Peck THEATRE !  
  A traveling + local stage company put on plays 
  in the  (Cretaceous) limelight.  
  This might be considered "off-Broadway" ---- 
   waaaaay off Broadway.

 They laughed at my kaffia --- "coffee-ah" --- the Arab headdress i 
 obtained while teaching in Amman, Jordan.  
 It protects the face from the sun -- the ears from flying dust and ventilates 
 the neck with cooling breezes.  I wore it despite their jeers because 
 am-man's gotta do what am-man's gotta do. 

This Hadrasaur femur  is being cleaned with a 
Dremel tool. The white is 'water putty' to 
fill in gaps where the bone is missing, and if no
material is missing, Elmer's Glue works wonders.  

The TRex skull was in this  concretion that we 
buried on the last day  because time was up and
we had to return to our 'day jobs.'  
There was a pall over the site as the tractor,
in 30 minutes put five feet of dirt atop our 
discoveries that represented thousands of
shovels full of dirt that Earthwatchers removed 
in six weeks of digging.

Earthwatch volunteers come from all walks of life. Bob from NJ (that's Jersey, not "Joisey") 
sells electricity to folks in India; Brazil & Poland.  
At Ft.Peck he took over the Pepsi concession stand at the house and charged us for the "juice."  
Hey, "juice" is "juice" - electrical or carbonated.  Or so he reasoned.

The femur and tibia of a Hadrasaur 
that we put on display at the Glasgow library.

You're looking at the upside down jaw of TRex.  
The right side is the back of the jaw and
the long portion is the base --- 
with that on the left being the front.

My first Earthwatch was in Arica, Chile - 1986 - 
to help a guy gather and autopsy
mummies.  That's the mummy on the right.