Tom, a twice-retired (once in the family horticulture business /once as a postal employee)
Earthwatcher, examines the plans for the Ft. Peck Interpretive Center
which will open on May 5, 2005, and house 55 dinosaurs.
What happened in Ft. Peck on May 5, 1805?

This is a far cry from the basement lab we had last year.
It is probably the largest bone prep lab in the country.
It has a sophisticated alarm system - so don't even think about it.

Air hoses power our Air Scribes -- a thick pen-like device that is a miniature jackhammer.
Much better than last year's dental picks --- but still hard work to clean the matrix (crud)
from the bone.

  Rudy, a former Delta pilot, sorts thru   
  "concentrate" -  
  rock and bones and teeth and amber.

This is the vault -- where all the (heavy) valuables are kept.


 Shopping for next year:   
               this is a site where we  
               think a triceratops might be 

 A TRex vertebra -- that i spent 20 hours cleaning -- 
     ONE vertebra.   

  It still has LOTS of matrix to remove --  
     and how many vertebrae are in a TRex ? 


  Another opening of another show:   
  Forever Plaid was playing this year. 

   Doc's truck was purchased in Montana.   
  Shrewd, eh?   
  . . . doing business with the locals . . .  
  or as they say,  
 "Ya gotta dance with the one that brung 'ya."

    The K-T Boundary is in dispute.   
  Not the KP boundary.   
  Do not enter the kitchen for anything unless  
  you are on KP duty that day. 

 "My, what big teeth you have Mr. TRex." 

 Anita, a geologist from California, is the ultimate  

 Larry, a teacher in Glasgow, MT, is the ultimate flag waver,  
            and tiredless worker for constructing the new 


  Hoses of compressed air dangle  
            like pasta and nourish the