EIU & LLC Pics
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New ideas for EIU Student government

-retention problem
-executive board
-administration – standing committees
-communications – white board & website
-smoke-free campus
-laptops set-up in union for student elections
-white boards (near monitored area) for student suggestions
-hire PR person

New ideas for Lakeland College Student Government

-student concerns – suggestion box
-spirit games with athletic department
-student affairs activities – veteran care packages
-required attendance at at least 1 SAB (Student Activities Board) meeting per semester – -have an idea what they’re up to as well – collaboration
-co-sponsor events
-team building – retreat – 1x per semester
-trivia night
-marketing – senate outreach
-committees/councils – share info

New Ideas for LLC SGA from EIu SGA

-work with athletics- school spirit
-serve Mattoon
-more conferences
-documentation process

New ideas for LLC Student Activity Board from EIU UB New ideas for EIU UB from LLC Student Activity Board
-committee events
-DJ Dangler + Dan Tessitore
(EIU English Professor)
-comedians Next Semester
-LLC budget is not set
-display case/campus connection
-events usually specific to committee on different days & times

-bathroom marketing
-text message advertising
-scheduled time events
-programs always Wednesday 11am-1pm;
(specific time when people are free)

New ideas for EIU UB & LLC SAB

-holiday programming
-trivia/academic triathlon + physical activity
-lobbying in Springfield
-competition between EIU & LLC
-drive-in movie
-marketing link between schools