2014-2015 Student Government
Election Candidates

2014-2015 Student Body President Candidate
Reginald Thedford

My name is Reginald Thedford Jr., a third year undergraduate student here at Eastern Illinois University majoring in Political Science and minoring in Music. I transferred to Eastern in the spring of 2013 from Elmhurst College, and immediately got involved with Student Government by serving on the Academic Affairs committee.

At the start of the fall 2013 semester I got involved with University Board as the Movies Coordinator, member of NAACP, Pre-Law Society, Strong Mentoring, Tour Guide for the admissions office, and became the Student Affairs Committee Chair. While serving as chair I organized events to promote school spirit such as, “United in Blue”, “Blue Reign”, and “Bleed Blue”. Being able to organize these events have opened my eyes to the importance of school spirit because it is the one thing that that all students here have in common. If elected as Student Body President I will continue to push for school pride in an effort to bring all students together.

There are few goals I want to accomplish if elected as Student Body President. The connectivity between student leaders on campus needs to be stronger. I would like to organize a traditional Student Leadership Conference to establish more networking opportunities between leaders.

Another goal I have is to help with the improvements of the Cultural Center. It is important for students of different cultural backgrounds to have a welcoming, inviting, and resourceful place on campus.

Lastly I would like to improve the connection between Student Government and the students to ensure that all issues are being heard. Improvements would be made by utilizing our suggestion box and by creating an “Ask the President” link on the website.

If elected, you as the student, will be the first priority to ensure that all your needs and issues are heard.


2014-2015 Executive Vice President Candidates
Brandon Goodman Lauren Price

Since attending Eastern Illinois University I have truly bled blue and taken pride in EIU. When holding a leadership position it is more than a badge, it is more than a title, it is a lifestyle. At EIU, I am viewed as a student leader through my involvement as Speaker of the Student Senate. In the Speaker position some responsibilities are being the liaison between thirty senators and four executives, interviewing and appointing senators and committee chairs, as well as, running weekly student senate meetings at 7pm on Wednesdays. Also, I am constantly meeting with advisors as well as President Perry to work and promote EIU and improve the atmosphere.

My goal is to make EIU a place where everyone feels welcome by promoting diversity and showcasing school spirit. I have also engaged in community service since the first day of EIU and I feel it is a big part of the schools culture that I intend to promote. The Speaker position and involvement opportunities have taught me the importance of service and integrity, which I strive to upkeep every day as a leader and student at EIU. If elected Executive Vice President (EVP), Student Trustee, and Student Action Team Chair I will put the student body first and advocate the needs of students. Mitchell Gurick has served two consecutive terms as Speaker and one as EVP. Whoever is elected will truly have big shoes to fill. With help from volunteers, he registered about 500 students to vote; restructured the Student Action Team; and was an active participant and advocate at the Illinois Board of Higher Education–Student Advisory Council.

I also plan to work with the External Relations Committee to plan events that can reach the City of Charleston and the campus to improve the unity, diversity, and attitudes.

Expanding opportunities for students and combating issues that affect them at the university is my goal. We need to increase the number of students registered to vote in Coles County, so that elected officials advocate for us. In order to have a voice we need to give them a reason to listen. The only way to obtain their respect is by registering to vote! My passion for this university has led me to run for Executive Vice President. I want to continue the work I’ve started as Vice Chair of the Student Action Team, a student-lobbying group. My plan is to continue advocating for more funding for the MAP grant and more state funding for the entire university. I am currently advocating for new science buildings. My plan is to take samples from the Biological Science building to prove the building is a hazardous environment. I will submit these results to Springfield in hopes that they are willing to work on improving the facilities.

I will expand the Student Action Team’s involvement in local politics and voter registration. I would conduct voter registration during orientation, move-in days, and provide updates for the off-campus apartments website for a smoother transition for transfer and graduate students. I would plan “Day at City Hall” for students to interact and discuss issues with the Mayor and council members. I would work with the Vice President of Student Affairs to promote diversity by having an event called “Stroll for a Cause.” Organizations would team up in a strolling competition and raise money for a charity.

The future is in our hands. While at times we may feel as though we are powerless, the students are the University; without us, only physical buildings remain.

I ask for your vote to become the next Executive Vice President.


2014-2015 Vice President for Academic Affairs Candidates
Shirmeen Amhad

Hello students of Eastern,

My name is Shirmeen Ahmad. I have been a Student Senator for two years and have been the Academic Affairs Committee Chair for this past year. I am also a Resident Assistant in Pemberton Hall and served on their hall council as a Residence Hall Representative. These positions have taught me how to make a difference on Eastern’s campus and I want to continue doing so.

This past year the Academic Affairs Committee and I have put on different events throughout the year. We gave out candy with motivational sayings on them during mid-terms to the student body. We started up “Midterm Mania” which challenges the senate members to raise their GPAs through competition. We also put on a trivia night called “EIU Feud” which allowed students and faculty to compete against one another.

I have also gotten the chance to sit on the Council on Academic Affairs where I played a role in updating the course proposal, syllabi, and credit hour policies. I have attended a meeting with the student deans of each college, and helped the current Vice President of Academic Affairs during Pizza with the Prez and Pancakes with Perry.

As Vice President of Academic Affairs, I would like to create and carry out previous events that will advance students’ academic careers and that promote academic excellence. For instance I want to make it easier for students to find office hours of professors. I would also like to implement “Midterm Mania” around campus to promote higher GPAs to the Registered Student Organizations.

I want to collaborate with different areas on campus to achieve this and to build stronger connections between students and faculty. While sitting on the CAA and Faculty Senate I want to make sure the students’ voices and perspectives are heard.

2014-2015 Vice President for Student Affairs Candidates
Yazmin Rodriguez

My name is Yazmin Rodriguez and I am a proud member of the student body here at Eastern Illinois University. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology and Spanish in hope of getting my graduate degree in Student Affairs. Considering my career path and passion, it would be my privilege to represent this University as Vice President of Student Affairs.

Since starting my journey here at Eastern Illinois University, I have used my optimism, drive, and upbeat personality to get involved in student activities. Though I am only a sophomore, I feel I represent many groups around EIU and have made a huge impact in campus life already. I truly feel that participation across campus not only helps you grow as a leader, but builds character and makes you an overall well-rounded person. That being said, Eastern provides you with many opportunities that will spark your involvement. The contribution to campus life has the influence to enhance the overall experience of being an undergraduate student and once again explains why I would be honored to receive this position.

My peers view me as a student leader through my involvements that have given me the drive, courage, and enthusiasm to do more for this student body. Not only has Student Government helped me excel tremendously, but my sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma and participation in New Student Programs have also taught me what it takes to be a leader. Tri Sigma has given me the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills, use my creativity, build friendships, and also to live by my values. New Student Programs has brought me the privilege to serve as a Prowl Leader the fall of 2013 and a Debut Leader this upcoming summer.