Learning Goals

This website documents and disseminates the work of the Council on Academic Affairs (CAA) Committee on General Education and University Learning Goals. The initial charge of this Committee will be to implement a plan "focused on improving student learning outcomes at the university through systemic increase in academic rigor and improvement of curricular, instructional, and assessment practices in both the general education and major programs." Updates are also posted on this website.

Grade Appeals
If a student believes that a faculty member improperly assigned a semester grade due to one or more of the Grounds for Grade Appeal, as described below:
1. A mathematical error in calculation of the grade or clerical error in recording of the grade that remains uncorrected;
2. The assignment of a grade to a particular student by application of more exacting requirements than were applied to other students in the course;
3. The assignment of a grade to a particular student on some basis other than performance in the course;
4. The assignment of a grade by a substantial departure from the faculty member's previously announced standards; the student may appeal the grade by following the procedures described on this website.

Homework Heroes
Homework Heroes Academic Mentoring Program is a program designed to support and promote academic excellence. The program offers a way for residents to find other students that can provide help with materials presented in classes as well as provide general academic advice. The Homework Hero Academic Mentoring Program strives to provide a comfortable atmosphere where students can discuss academic goals

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Scholarship Search
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