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Strategic Enrollment Planning:

Strategic Enrollment Planning (SEP) is a collaborative, comprehensive, data-driven process through which EIU will develop strategies to enable it to set and meet its enrollment goals. The SEP initiative is led by a Steering Committee which reports to President Perry, and it is supported by a Planning Council that includes broad representation from each vice presidential area and key governance groups.

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Program Analysis:

Program analysis is focused on guiding future, university-wide budget decisions and resource allocations. The analysis takes the form of a template that provides a comprehensive overview of each program's mission, quality, finances, and opportunities.

The program analysis template will guide future decision making in four areas: allocation and reallocation of resources in support of academic excellence, strengthening programs that foster sustainable enrollment, supporting university financial sustainability, and identifying opportunities to decrease costs. The Council on University Planning and Budget (CUPB) will continue to be consulted in such future decision making.
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Council on University Planning and Budgeting (CUPB):

The President shall report to the Council as to the final disposition of all planning and budgeting recommendations.

2.  The Council shall participate in making recommendations to the President with respect to:

  • The setting of program priorities in the University budget.
  • Periodic review of the University budget
  • Transfers of significant amounts among internal budget items.
  • Overall review of the University planning process.

3.  The Council shall receive periodic reports from the Administration on the status of budget requests, appropriations, and internal budgets, and shall render any advice considered appropriate. Specifically excluded from consideration are matters related to collective bargaining and routine budget administration.

  1. 4.  The Council shall evaluate administrative proposals for dealing with externally imposed budget reductions and render appropriate advice.
  2. 5.  The Council shall provide any advice on planning and budgeting which may be requested by the President.

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NCA Self-Study 2014:

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association (NCA) of Colleges and Schools is the accrediting body for Eastern Illinois University and will conduct a site visit on October 20, 21, and 22, 2014.
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