Eastern Illinois University—Gamma Theta Chapter


The Gamma Theta Chapter of Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta)  was established at Eastern Illinois University in 1961. Tri-Beta is a national research and honor society for undergraduates in biology. Membership is based on academic achievement and new members are added each spring. The local chapter promotes academic excellence and collaborative research between undergraduates and faculty. The national chapter provides competitive grants to support undergraduate research. Regional and national meetings provide a forum for presentation of undergraduate research. The faculty advisor has information for prospective members, chapter involvement and opportunities in research. Eastern's chapter coordinates the Biological Honors Banquet every spring semester at Eastern. Watch the Tri-Beta bulletin board in the Life Sciences Building for details of upcoming events. Contact Prof. Billy Hung for more information about Beta Beta Beta.

Eastern Illinois University

Biological Sciences Department

Life Sciences Building 2070

600 Lincoln Avenue

Charleston, IL 61920

To contact us:

Phone: (217) 581-3216

Email: khung@eiu.edu

Beta Beta Beta Biological
          Honor Society


Here are the key and the coat of arms of Beta Beta Beta. On the key, which is a common symbol of academic excellence, you will see three Greek letters, Beta Beta Beta and a coiled serpent. The first Beta stands for the Greek word BALANOS which means acorn; it represents life in and on the ground. The second Beta stands for the Greek word BOUDETASE which means little bird; it represents life in the air. The third Beta stands for the Greek word BOAX, which means fish; it represents life in the water.