WEIU TV, Charleston, Illinois (EIU4/WEIU)

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Currently at 10:22 AM CDT 16/01/13


Light Breeze (3.5 mph) WSW

Station ID: EIU4 Location: WEIU-TV/Buzzard Hall
Lat/Lon: 39.4825/-88.1762 Data Period: 20070901
Elevation: 696' ASL Maintained: EIUWC/CDC
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Current Data

Weather: Day time
Temperature: 33.0°F (+5.4 °F/last hr)
Dew Point: 24.3°F
Relative Humidity: 70
Wind: 3.5 mph--WSW (250 °)
Beaufort Wind: Light Breeze
Barometer: 1018.4mb (30.074 inches)
Barometric Tendency: Falling slowly (-0.018in./hr)
Cloud Height: 2696 ft.
Precipitation: 0.00 in.
Evap-transpiration: 0.00 (0.000 in/min)
Solar: 0 W/m2
UV Index: 0.0
Heat Index: 33.0°F
Wind Chill: 29.7°F

Today's Data

Max Temperature: 33.0°F 10:21 AM
Min Temperature: 21.5°F 7:01 AM
Wind: 3.5 mph WSW (250 °)
Wind Gust: 14.0 mph W 8:49 AM
Precip (melted): 0.00 in.
Precip (frozen): 0.00 in.
Precip (3hr): 0.00 in.
Precip (6hr): 0.00 in.
Precip Duration: 0 min.
Days of no Precip: 2 days ago
Evap-transpiration: 0.00
High Solar: 0 W/m2 12:00 AM
Total Sunshine: 00:00 hours of 09:44
Heating Degree Days: 17.0
Cooling Degree Days: 0.0

Yesterday's Data

Max Temperature: 29.2 °F F 3:25 PM
Min Temperature: 16.0 °F F 4:04 AM
Precip (melted): 0.00 in.
Wind: 15.0 mph
Wind Gust: 19.0 mph NW 11:01 AM
Evapo-Transpiration 0.000
Total Sunshine 33:43 hours

Monthly Data

Max Temperature: 64.9 F
Min Temperature: 12.1 F
Ave Temperature: 34.8 F
Precip (melted): 1.98 in.
Precip (frozen): 0 in.
Days with Precip: 5 days
Wind: 9.5 mph South westerly

2013 Climate Data

Max Temperature: 64.9 F 2013.1.12
Min Temperature: 12.2 F 2013.1.1
Precip (melted): 1.98 in.
Precip (frozen): 0 in.
Days with Precip: 5 days
Total Sunshine: 00:00 hours

General Station Information

EIU4/WEIU is maintained by Cameron Craig in association with the Department of Geology/Geography at Eastern Illinois University. Data are archived for your use and submitted to NOAA/Mesonet for accuracy. The data provided above is only a fraction of what is actually collected. If you wish to acquire a data set, please email us.

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