Interesting Facts
about Rachel Carson . . .

Rachel had her first story published in a magazine when she was only ten-years-old!

"When Rachel's sister died, she had to take care of her nieces and her family in Maryland because they didn't have a lot of money." - Vanessa

When she was writing her book Under the Sea Wind, Rachel got a chance to go underwater in a bathysphere!  She saw undersea life up close for the first time.

"People told Rachel, 'You can't be a scientist because you are a girl.  You're supposed to be a mother, or a cook, or a nurse.'  She didn't listen to them.  She listened to what she wanted to do." - Nick and Vanessa

Here are some interesting things we learned about Rachel:

"She loved the sea.  She loved books." - Nick

"She loved the ocean." - Vanessa

"She wrote a book about the poison sprays." - Valerie

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