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Information on summer research experiences and conferences for undergraduate and graduate students.

What is an REU?

Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) programs are paid eight (some are six or ten) week summer programs designed to provide students with a research opportunities. Students usually work as a group on a research project under the direction of a faculty. Some programs hire graduate student mentors as well. Click here for the rest of Professor Greenberg's slides. Dr. Andrew Greenberg is the director for REU's in Chemistry and Nanotechnology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Thank you to Dr. Herbert Medina for a great list of tips for your REU application, click here for a pdf of his tips.

Why should I attend talks and conferences?

Modern mathematics is very much a collaborative activity rather than an individual one. Don't you want to know what's going on elsewhere in mathematics, and what other mathematicians find interesting? Don't expect to understand 100% of any given talk, especially if it is in a field you are not familiar with; as long as you learn something, the effort is not wasted. Click here for the rest of Professor Tao's blog. Dr. Terence Tao is full professor of mathematics at UCLA, the youngest person ever appointed to that rank at UCLA as well as co-recipient of the 2006 Fields Medal.

Blogs on Math Blogs

The American Mathematical Society has a variety of blogs for students and academics, by professors and graduate students in STEM, click here for a complete list. Some of my favorites are "e-Mentoring Network'', "On Teaching and Learning'' and "Graduate Student Blog''.

I recently helped Dr. Edray Goins with a presentation on "Applying to Summer Programs, Fellowships, and Graduate School in the Mathematical Sciences", click here for a pdf of the slides.

Here are some conferences our students have attended. Here are some REU's our students have attended. Most REU's hire graduate student assistants. Here are more summer programs. Here are more links to conferences.