Internal Governing Policies


#90 - Radio-TV Center

Approved: July 27, 2005

Nomenclature changes: September 25, 2012

Monitor: Vice President for Academic Affairs

General Operational Guidelines

The operation of the Radio-TV Center is under the general administration of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  The operation of the Center is financed through the University operating budget and through external funds.  The Director of the Radio-TV Center is the General manager of WEIU FM/TV.

The Center is an all-university facility designed to provide support for academic programs and public service to the larger community.  In priority order, the most important functions of the Center are:

  1. To serve as a highly professional laboratory for academic programs, by providing students with supervised paraprofessional opportunities through WEIU - FM and WEIU - TV.
  2. To provide a public service to the larger community.
  3. To serve as an instructional tool for other academic departments of the University and support for the production and dissemination of electronic educational content.

Concerns regarding the operation of the Center may be addressed, in writing, to the Director or the Radio-TV Center Board.