Internal Governing Policies


#179 - Distinguished Service Awards

Approved: March 1, 1989

Monitor: Special Assistant to the President

Lord Distinguished Service Award

The Livingston C. Lord Distinguished Service Award may be given annually to an individual in recognition of distinguished service to the University.

Nominees for the award may be active or retired and members of the University or the community.

A special plaque shall be presented to the recipient of the award.

University Service Award

Individual awards for distinguished service to the University may be made annually in the areas of Faculty, Administration, and Civil Service.

Nominees must be full-time employees and have a minimum of ten years of service at the University.  Nominations must be supported by three letters of recommendation.

The following kinds of service shall be considered by the Selection Committee:

  1. University service, which includes: (a) demonstration of exemplary service beyond regular duties; (b) performance of duties in a conscientious manner that promotes the well-being of the University; (c) demonstration of job performance through attendance, efficiency, and rapport with associates and the public; (d) leadership positions on committees and in other types of service and (e) memberships on campus committees.
  2. Professional service, which includes: (a) participation in professional organizations; (b) service connected with the individual's professional area other than on University, college or departmental committees; and (c) professional publications.
  3. Public service, which includes: (a) involvement in community activities and organizations; and (b) contributions beyond the University at the local, regional, state, or national level.

Each recipient of the award shall receive a special plaque and an appropriate monetary award.