Internal Governing Policies


#182.1 - Electronic Communication with Students, Faculty, and Staff

Approved: August 12, 2013

Monitor: Vice President for Business Affairs

Eastern Illinois University will use electronic media as a primary means of communicating with the University community.  E-mail accounts are used to provide official notification of important campus announcements.  E-mail accounts are listed in the on-line directory and members of the EIU community are responsible for checking their accounts in a consistent and timely manner.

Faculty, staff, and students who prefer to use external e-mail services as their primary method of electronic communication are responsible for activating the auto-forward feature on their EIU e-mail account and for keeping their forwarding e-mail address current.  Information Technology Services (ITS) does not provide support for external e-mail services, is not responsible for trouble-shooting external e-mail accounts, and will not follow up on e-mails bounced from external e-mail accounts.

All official announcements using university-wide e-mail lists must be approved, in advance, by the appropriate Vice President or designee. This does not apply to established departmental electronic mail lists.